Levels of Communication

Basically human communication takes place at five levels:
1. Extrapersonal communication 
2. Interpersonal communication
3. Intrapersonal communication
4. Organizational communication
5. Mass communication

1. Extrapersonal Communication: Communication is a process that takes place with human . entities and non-human entities as well. When communication is done with non-human entities it is called to be extra personal communication.
The perfect coordination and understanding between human and non—human entities results to extra personal communication. In this communication one participant of the communication process uses sign language and the other is verbal.  

For example, the bark of a pet dog when something happens to the master, wagging of the tail when master shows bone to the pet dog, licking of cheek at the returning of master from the work field, chirping of birds when a stranger is at the door, Parrot calling the name of the master in the morning, etc.

2.Interpersonal Communication: It involves two parties-a sender and a receiver who use common language to transit message either through oral communication or written communication.

3. lntrapersonal Communication: Intrapersonal communication is all about talking to ourselves. We use phrase like, ‘telling ourselves the truth’ or ‘admitting the truth to ourselves” reflects human self-awareness. 

Prefix ‘intra’ means ‘within’ hence intrapersonal communication is ‘self talk’. 
It is the active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic progressing of messages. The internal thought process keeps on working even at the sleeping hour. 

There are various example in our day-to-day life related to intrapersonal communication.
Like asking the solution for the problem, introspecting about any episode in which you should not have done that particular act, if you are . overweight you see and admit it and then decide to plan a diet for you, if you need to forgive someone, you’ll have to talk to yourself about it first, etc. 

4. Organizational Communication: In a team-based business organization, communication becomes its lifeblood where people communicate with one another. The flow of communication inside an organization may filter in up, down and horizontal directions. Besides internal communication. companies depend on external communication also. Companies exchange messages with people outside the organization through external communication.

5. Mass Communication: Newspapers, magazines and periodicals, the means of mass conununication. are frequently used for oral or written communication. Besides, technologies such as the intemet, e-mail. voicemail, faxes, audiotape, teleconferencing,videoconferencing and closed circuit televisions have increased options for internal and external communication. These fast means help people from all parts of the world to work together. 


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