Barriers to Communication

Three basic barriers to communication are:
1. lntrapersonal
2. Interpersonal
3. Organizational 

1. Intrapersonal Barriers: This includes an individual's inbuilt barriers which may block the Communication process. Some such causes are listed below:

• Different background - education or culture
• Different perceptions and Language differences
• Attitudes
• Wrong assumptions

2. Interpersonal Barriers: The barriers between person to person(the sender and the receiver) are termed as interpersonal barriers. These barriers also hinder the communication process. Some causes leading to interpersonal barriers are listed below :

• Emotional outbursts
• Poor listening skill
• Noises in the channel
• Vocabulary
• Deceptive tactics, adopted by the manipulative communicator

3. Organizational Barriers: The communication barriers may exist in an entire organization which often disrupt the smooth flow of communication. Some causes of the organizational barriers are

 Restrictive environments where the style of management is very authoritarian. Distractions
• Choice of inappropriate media
• Message overloading
• Sense of insecurity: Fear of transfer 
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